Why wedding videography is an essential memory for your day.

Should we book a videographer for our wedding? Isn’t video too expensive? Why do we need a video when we have a photographer?

These are common questions that are asked when it comes to wedding videography. However, in short, it is definitely a must. Ok, I may be biased as it is what I do and love but I want to lay out why I feel it should be one of the main things for your wedding. I’ve been on both sides of the camera for weddings so have a bit of experience.

Some people may think that having both a photographer and a videographer are going a little overboard however both services provide something totally different. However, in reality, they are the only two services from your wedding purchases that will still be used in 10 years time and can be passed down to future generations.

Weddings take months of planning and they fly by so fast. Everyone says it. You get very few moments to yourself on the day as you are getting ready, greeting all your guests, having your ceremony and speeches, dancing etc.

Photographs have the ability to capture the emotion in a single frame. Video offers so much more as it tells more of a story in a moving image. Imagine seeing the events of your day in real-time such as the bride walking down the aisle and capturing the moment the groom sees here before you hear the vows in full.

When it comes to filming a wedding we capture everything that happens naturally on the day and when we come to deliver the films to couples we get so many comments saying we filmed so many moments that the couple didn’t see on the day.

When you add up how much money you’ve spent on a wedding it runs into the thousands and most of the items you’ve spent money on are only useable on the day. With a wedding film, you have something that can be shown to future children and sadly, it can provide moving image of people who we’ve sadly lost over the years where you can both see and hear them.

It is well documented that couples who don’t have a video go onto regret it as they’ve lost that moment in time they’ve wanted to keep forever. Booking a wedding film can often be seen as just another expense but is really will preserve the memories you have. The flowers will slowly die in the days after the wedding, the table pieces will be forgotten but a wedding video will be something you can show your friends and family as well as watch it on your anniversaries for years to come.

Here are our top 10 reasons why video is an essential item for your wedding.

• It will capture both partners morning preparations so you can both see the pre-wedding atmosphere.

• You can watch the film on your wedding anniversary or other special occasions.

• You can see and hear your vows on your ceremony.

• It is an heirloom that you can pass down to your children.

• It is a memory of loved ones who have passed away.

• They are creatively edited to celebrate your day.

• It captures the Father of the Bride’s speech and those hilarities from the Best Man.

• We capture everything naturally and work alongside the photographer so you can enjoy your day.

• It is a record of your first dance together as a couple.

• It is something you’ll never regret.


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