Why wedding videography isn't too intrusive

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

The response I often get when discussing wedding videography with a couple is 'I don't like to be filmed as it is too intrusive'.

However nothing can be further from the truth with our style and in fact it is a lot less intrusive than having a wedding photographer booked. My style when filming wedding videos is to to have a laid back approach capturing those natural moments unfold right in front of me. The truth is I'm not making a scripted Hollywood movie, I'm documenting one of the biggest days of your lives, and everything only happens once. There are no retakes or asking for you to do things over and over again.

Jessica and Jordan were married at North Side Farm in Horsely, Northumberland.

The main thing for us is for you to enjoy your day.

Ok, whilst it may not be a scripted movie, a lot of what happens is known in advance. For example I know that there is bridal or groom preparations taking place, roughly when the father reveal will be, the walk down the aisle, the confetti shots and first dance, however everything that I film is natural and I have to be reactive when it comes to these key moments. Nothing about these are planned and you only get once chance to film these timeless elements of your special day. Every one of those moments is unique, special and certainly not templated.

I don't know how the father of the bride will react when he sees his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress. He will either break down in floods or tears or be that little bit macho.

Sometimes the father will come into the room too soon so you quickly have to press record on the camera to get these shots. I am there to record the raw emotion at those moment, the cuddles, the tears, the love between father and daughter. And sometimes we get some amazing audio. I've seen so many different reactions that I often think how I will react when my daughter Beau gets married one day.

During the day we tend to step back and film from a little bit of a distance so we are not in people's faces. I want to capture people having a conversation, having a laugh or a giggle and showing some emotion during the day. We try to capture those moments that the couple don't see. I am not a fan of people looking into camera, giving a wave or a little pose, especially not for your guests. During the day once or twice I might shout to the couple to look down the lens and I capture this first time without retakes.

The morning preparations set the tone of the day and of course the wedding film. Filming these gives the other partner an insight into the lead up to the day and how their morning came together. This time of the day provide some great moments as the hair and make up are being done.

The walk back down the aisle and the confetti shot are amazing moments to film as you get so many great natural reactions from the happy couple. Because they are too engrossed in their guests cheering as they walk they are totally oblivious to the fact we are filming. The same with the first dance due to the fact the couple are so much focused on themselves they don't realise that there are a couple cameras pointing at them. We tend to shoot a lot through people capturing those little gaps so we are hidden but also nicely frames the shot.

The comments we get from couples after the wedding day is that they didn't realise we were there most of the time. That is key for us as we want couples to enjoy the day and of course have a great record of their special day.



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