South Causey Inn, a luxury wedding venue

One of the most popular wedding venues in the North East is the South Causey Inn, a family-owned independent hotel, set in 100 acres of the stunning Beamish Valley countryside.

Seen as a destination wedding venue, it attracts couples from all over the North of England and further afield to tie the knot in these glorious settings.

The site was originally a farm which the Moiser family purchased over 40 years ago and developed it into an equestrian centre. Susan and Philip took over the family business in 2007 when they built the restaurant and started hosting weddings for couples. Today it employs over 100 staff and is a keen supporter of local causes.

I used to live less than a mile away from the South Causey and have enjoyed meals there and have seen it grow from the equestrian centre into a thriving wedding venue that is renowned all over the North.

Above: Elizabeth and Andrew's wedding film at the South Causey Inn.

As well as several South Causey wedding videos I’ve had the honour of filming I’ve also shot corporate videos for the venue and we are both part of Love Beamish and Stanley which is a campaign to promote the great attractions in the area. It has been a great insight into getting the know the workings of the venue and business more by doing this campaign.

Today the Inn has two wedding venues, The Durham Suite and Old Barn, and a third is opening, The Farmhouse, in 2020. Each year thousands of visitors come from all over the UK and further afield to celebrate weddings. What makes the venue so special is that each venue that is private for wedding parties to enjoy their wedding celebrations.

The Durham Suite is an elegant venue which was formally stone stables and has been developed into a stunning space for weddings and cerebations that can seat up to 150 guests in a banquet style. The first South Causey wedding video we filmed at the Durham Suite was the wedding film for Linzi and Bruce.

The Old Barn is a stunning venue for couples to tie the knot. This recent development oozes appeal as it has its own wedding chapel for guests to say their vows before they can enjoy the reception in style in the larger room which can attract up to 250 guests. We shot an Old Barn wedding video for Elizabeth and Andrew on one of the hottest days of the year.

Currently under development is the Farmhouse which offers couples and their wedding parties the perfect stylish and intimate wedding venue. The Farmhouse has six bedrooms giving guests the opportunity to sleep in the venue before and after the wedding. A private team is on hand to create that really personal experience.

Above: A video we produced for The South Causey Inn.

As a hotel, it boasts some fabulous accommodation and appeals to visitors who want something a little extra special. The Inn features deluxe hot tub themed rooms which when you arrive will have you wanting to extend your stay. These themed rooms include The American Trilogy, The Tree House or even Captain Cook’s Cabin, complete with ships’ wheels, an anchor and even a sail. There are further plans to open more on-site accommodation.

In the gardens, there is even a 1960s Trafalgar Square Bus complete with hot tub. This sublime accommodation is truly something spectacular as it also has its own private garden.

The South Causey Inn has some amazing photographic locations within the grounds including its very own lake only a short drive away from the Inn as well as the various grounds. Transport is provided by the wedding teams for couples to get over to the lake so you don’t have to walk over in your elegant wedding attire.

An interview with Philip Moiser, owner of the South Causey Inn, for the Love Beamish and Stanley campaign.

If you are considering a South Causey Wedding Videography service then we’d love to have a chat about your wedding day and hear about the amazing things you may have planned.

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