Redworth Hall Wedding Video - Bev and Stuart

Stuart and Bev married at the picturesque and historic Redworth Hall in County Durham on Saturday 31st August, only 16 months after their very first date.

It was a glorious day with the weather being kind to the couple as they celebrated with their friends and family. I had the good fortune of being asked to film their special day in such a glorious setting. It was the first time Keith and I had filmed in this venue. It is always great to film new venues as you can film something truly unique so it is exciting to go out and spot some fresh locations.

The family are so important to the couple and you can see the love they have for them. When filming weddings where the couple has children, it is important I feel to focus a lot of the film on them as they play such a huge role in the day and it is those memories that will last forever. ​

The wedding was very laid back and there was music from the amazing Lauren Amour who sang as Bev was walked down the aisle with her son and then provided some tracks during the reception drinks as everyone enjoyed ice creams from Iced Cycles.

The evening saw the couple share their first dance before Stuart invited his mother to the dance floor for a very emotional father and mother dance.

About the Couple

Stuart and Bev met through mutual friends in April 2018. Their first date was at St Mary's Lighthouse on the North East coast. Stuart says; "I planned to buy the ring before Beverley found out, and made an excuse to go back to where we first met. We sat on the same bench that we did on our first date, I got down on one knee and proposed. After our first meeting, we knew that we would marry - the connection was that strong Little over a year later the happy couple married at the stunning Redworth Hall in County Durham. "We have stopped here quite a few times and love the place. It's become our second favourite place, after St Mary's lighthouse"

When the couple has time off together, they like to go for walks and enjoy a nice meal and a few drinks.

Couple Testimonial

Bev and Stuart sent us this amazing little review on video.


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