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Wow-what an enjoyable wedding to be part of and a one that certainly sprung a few surprises.

We were invited down to the Burnham Beeches Hotel in Slough in Berkshire to film the wedding of Toni and Gareth over a year ago. We had filmed their friend's wedding at the Derwent Manor Hotel in May 2018 and they had seen the film we produced for them and didn't think we'd actually travel over five hours from County Durham for them.

Burnham Beeches is the hotel where the England Football Team used to stay at before their international matches and it was their base for the Euro 96 championships. There were rumours of Gazza running down the corridors naked and the entrance even has a signed football shirt in a case.

We set off at around 3 pm on Friday for the Saturday wedding as we were staying close to the venue and wanted to get there refreshed without having to travel a long distance for their wedding. When we arrived Toni was already in the bridal suite getting her hair and makeup together with three of her bridesmaids. It was there that I met Amelia from Fresh Shoot Studios who was there to shoot the photographs.

The bridal suite was a beautiful light and spacious room on the top floor of the hotel. The room was beautiful to shoot in which give us some amazing angles to capture Toni's final moments before she married Gareth. It was also an amazing moment when Toni's father came in to see her for the first time in her wedding dress and we recorded some amazing soundbites from him.

Whilst I was busy shooting Toni's bridal preparations Keith was outside filming Gareth arriving at the venue as well as shooting the venue and the arrival of guests.

The wedding ceremony itself through the first surprise of the day for Toni and Gareth as the ring was brought in by an Owl. We knew a couple of days in advance that this was happening so were prepared so we added in an extra camera to ensure we got an extra angle as sometimes animals' actions don't go according to the script. It was an amazing surprise for the pair of them as their faces lit up as they realised what was happening.

After the ceremony, we headed outside to film the confetti walk before Amelia too the formal group shots. Before we went back inside we headed into the woods to shoot the couple shots.

As we went back inside for the food it was time for the second surprise of the day which was organised by Toni's mother. It was the appearance by the Singing Waiters that got the party started with the trio getting everyone on their feet. It was an appearance that wowed audiences before some heartfelt speeches by Toni's father, Gareth and his best man.

The evening celebrations saw Toni and Gareth cut the cake before they headed into their wedding dances, first of all, Gareth and Toni before Toni's dad joined her for a father and daughter dance.


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