Amazing Moments Captured On The Wedding Day

There is something special about capturing a wedding on film during the day. It is still surprising that despite in this day and age where everyone loves to watch videos, the wedding film isn't as popular as you may think. In this little blog piece, I highlight those key moments that are special to couples. Everyone says their wedding day goes so fast so it is vital that these moments are captured forever so they can be watched for years or generations.

The Morning Preparations

This part of the day makes up about 30% of wedding films. The morning is always full of excitement as everyone is running around getting ready. Especially in the bridal suite, you will have a flurry of people coming and going including hair and make-up artists, the photographer as well as family and friends popping in with good wishes. Often grooms are reluctant to get filmed when we speak to them however we try to convince them by explaining that they are part of the day as much as their partner plus it is nice for the bride to see their morning preparations too. When I come to edit I feel it is a huge part of the story of the day.

The Father-Daughter Reveal

This is such an amazingly emotional moment to capture on film for the bride. It happens in a split second when the father comes in to see his daughter standing there all-ready in her dress for the ceremony and often is accompanied by tears and cuddles for one another. We try to capture both reactions, especially the look on the fathers face as he walks into the room. None of these moments is staged as it is about capturing real emotion as it unfolds naturally.

The Ceremony and First Kiss

This is the moment that the couple seals their relationship after months of planning and it pulls up so many moments from the walking down the aisle to meet each other, the personalised vows, the ring exchange, first kiss and finally walking back down the aisle. If you have someone giving a reading it is essential to have their moment recorded.

Speeches and Toasts

From the emotion of the father to the hilarious best man, these moments will not be remembered unless they are filmed as they are too long to remember on the day. As we film these moments we are looking out for reactions from the bridal party especially the bride when her new husband is talking about how much they love them.


If you have grandparents attending the wedding, we try to film them as much as possible from them milling around the venue to the hugs and interaction with the newlywed couple. Sadly not everyone can be with us forever so filming these moments a essential moments which you can treasure forever.

First Dance and Dancing

One of my favourite parts of the day and the last section to the film is the evening celebrations as it is where everyone lets their hair down and we get some great reactions on the dance floor. If you are having a first dance or father-daughter dance this is an amazing moment that not only captures moving images but also the audio too.

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