I have put together this page to outline the process that we go through so it gives a little bit of insight of how we work.

If ay anytime you want to chat or ask a question you can do so using the following methods;

Office: 01207 247 000

Mobile: 07498 946 584​

Facebook: @adamchetterweddingfilms

Instagram: @adamchetterfilms

Before the wedding

I like to connect with my couples on social media. I feel that we are an extended member of your wedding party so it is nice to get to know you a little bit and find out about you. 


If you've booked us far in advance there will be a quiet period where you might not hear from me via email however you are more than welcome to contact me at any point via text, telephone call, social media or come to see me if you have any questions. I will try to regularly make contact with you if we have a little bit of news. Please do follow me on social media at the following accounts so you can see what we are up to.


My personal Facebook is - you are more than welcome to add me as a friend.


My business social media accounts are and


I will arrange a time where we can have a chat about your wedding over the telephone. This is to confirm the details that are on the questionnaire plus also to answer any questions you may have about us filming your wedding. 


If you have booked a photographer for your wedding I will also reach out to them on social media to have a chat with them. We are quite laid back on the day and like the photographer to lead it especially for the group shots. There are certain moments of the wedding where we need to know where we will be standing such as the walk back down the aisle and the confetti shots plus first dance. The key thing for me is for us to both get these.


I'm more than happy with a sandwich on the day however Keith is vegan so is a little bit awkward to cater for. Some couples in the past have provided us with a three course meal and whilst this is lovely and really appreciated, it can be too much food for us when we were working and limits the time we can be working. We prefer to eat away from the wedding party too so are more than happy to sit in the bar to have the food.



We usually arrive two and a half hours before the wedding and will either start filming the venue shots and any preparation that is going on such as the staff getting the venue ready. We will then go and meet the couple to see what stage they are at to see if we can film them. This will involve getting the hair and make up shots, and taking footage and photos of the wedding details such as the wedding dress, rings etc. We will also have a chat to the photographer about the plans for the day even though I would have made contact with them via social media before your wedding day. 


When you are enjoying your meal with your guests we start copying all the footage we've taken so far onto a laptop and going through the footage that we have taken and start selecting the footage that will be used in the wedding film.


For the footage we shoot after the meal such as any couples shots, guests mingling and the evening reception, I do this as soon as I get home. Depending on how far the journey is home or to the hotel I try to do this before I go to bed. It is just one of my OCD things to do before I can relax. 



I work on the wedding highlights film as well as any Instagram edits and stories 1-3 days after the wedding. The process involves video editing, the audio editing, colour correcting the footage. 1-3 days after the wedding the film is uploaded to Facebook as well as our Vimeo account. 


It is my aim to get you the full wedding film in the post within 21 days of your wedding. Some of our competitors tell me that is too fast and that they do this within 3-6 months. My thoughts are that you have paid me in full for the service and I want to deliver it you when you are still on cloud nine. Plus your wedding is fresh in my mind and I don't like having a backlog of weddings sitting there waiting to start work. If I am unable to deliver this to you on this timescale I will of course let you know in advance as sometimes this may be effected if I am on holiday etc.


The wedding films are sent via courier with DPD so they are tracked and the full wedding film is also uploaded to Vimeo which is done as a privately. This also allows you to have a backup as you can download your wedding film should you lose your memory stick as well as share it to friends and family.




If you'd like additional copies of the glass USB and presentation box we charge £25. Delivery is £5 per order.


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